ADD/ADHD Coaching for Sales Professionals


Who we work with:

Sales Professionals, Business Development Professionals, Sales Managers & Business Owners

What we do:

  • ADD/ADHD Coaching for Sales Professionals – we help them to focus, implement, manage their time more effectively, grow their sales and gross profit.
  • EnviroAdd™ Sales Coaching – is your environment distracting – learn more about what EnviroADD™ is, the impact and how to overcome it.

How we do it:

  • Coaching and programs are individually customized to maximize your time and help you achieve “good results”.
  • In person at your office, our office or mutually agreed place.
  • Over the phone.
  • Skype video Call.
  • You choose your preferred method.
  • In groups – see our seminar list.

Benefits and results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • Motivated, planned and implemented getting the “important” done.
  • Identified sales client strengths, what was blocking him and increased his productivity.
  • Coached sales professional working in a home office with piles and piles of paperwork how to clean up, eliminate the distractions, focus & succeed.
  • Created a customized methodology on how to take ideas, create a manageable plan, realistic timeline and implement.
  • Managed time more effectively, wrote more proposals and closed more sales.
  • Motivated to proactively get new clients and entice old clients back.

Please call #508-284-1229 or email us for a free consultation.