Career Coaching Results

Career Coaching

Results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • Created client resume from scratch resulting in getting called for the interview out of 107 resumes.
  • Coached and prepared client for interview resulting in a job offer.
  • Coached and created negotiating strategies resulting in an additional 5% in salary. Another client negotiated an additional weeks vacation.
  • Coached the client who said, “I’m an introvert I don’t like to network and I don’t want to network.” what to say, how to do it that resulted in landing a new job via networking.
  • Referred a former CFO client to one of my personal contacts that resulted in a new job.
  • Coached client on how to work with Search firm resulting in a job interview and offer.
  • Coached client on how to set up Linkedin account and write profile.
  • Provided tools and templates that saved client time.