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Who we work with:

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Presidents, CEO’s, Manager’s, Sole Proprietors, Health Practitioner’s and ADD/ADHD Business Owners, Individuals, Seminar Groups, Career Transition Professionals.

** As an authorized Inscape Publishing Distributor we also sell on-line and paper assessments tools to companies and coaches to use with their employees and clients.

Inscape Publishing Authorized DistributorWhat they are:

  • Everything DiSC® – Our newest solutions teach professionals to connect better with the people they work with in specific applications. Everything DiSC® training programs are specialized, in-depth and easily customizable.
  • DiSC® Classic – Organizations worldwide have embraced the language of DiSC® to pave the way for successful training, coaching, and consulting applications. Millions of people have used these DiSC tools to learn more about themselves and others.
  • DiSC® Sales Action Planner – Use the DiSC Sales Action Planner to uncover the DiSC behavioral style of a potential client or an existing customer. Insights gained can be used to:  create successful sales strategies, increase client receptivity, tailor sales presentations, negotiate effectively, close the sale.
  • DiSC® Managing Performance Planner -Use the DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner to identify an employee’s DiSC behavioral style and gain insight into the employee’s goals and fears. Then, based on the employee’s willingness and ability, adapt how you manage performance through one of the following approaches:  Direct, Supportive, Combination, Empowering.
  • DiSC® Management Action Planner – Use the DiSC Management Action Planner to identify a team member’s DiSC behavioral style and adjust your management approach for more productive interactions. Learn when to most effectively use Directing, Coaching, Supporting, and Delegating approaches. The Management Action Planner provides an excellent reinforcement to managers trained in Situational Leadership® approaches.
  • DiSC® Customer Service Action Planner – Use the DiSC Customer Service Action Planner to identify a customer’s DiSC behavioral style and develop appropriate responses to better meet their needs. Then, use the information to: increase customer satisfaction, address customer concerns, create a successful service plan, gain customer loyalty.
  • Team Dimensions Profile – The Team Dimensions Profile helps people work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others. Organizations use it to build team unity, foster innovation, and reduce project cycle time. Click on a link below to learn more about Team Dimensions Profile products.
  • Time Mastery Profile® The Time Mastery Profile helps individuals set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating their effectiveness in 12 critical areas. Organizations use it to help their employees accomplish more, meet project deadlines, and better serve their customers. Click on a link below to learn more about Time Mastery Profile products.
  • Personal Listening Profile® – The Personal Listening Profile helps people understand different listening styles and provides suggestions for communication skills improvement. Organizations use it to improve management effectiveness, develop leaders, and boost productivity. Click on a link below to learn more about Personal Listening Profile products.
  • Work Expectations Profile – The Work Expectations Profile helps employees understand and manage their work expectations. Why? Because people with well-defined expectations are more productive and enjoy greater job satisfaction. Organizations use it to facilitate performance reviews and help people adjust to organizational change. Click on a link below to learn more about Work Expectations Profile products.

How we do it:

  • Deliver seminars and services throughout the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Provide in-house training programs for your managers and employees.
  • Customize and provide classroom and online DiSC ®, DiSC Sales Action Planners, Managing Performance Action Planner, Team Dimensions, Time Management and other learning programs.
  • Customize and create training programs to fit your business needs and help you achieve good results.

Benefits and results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • “I have a new $700,000 customer based on attending Nancy’s seminar. It gave me new communication strategies to go forward with more confidence. I crossed bridges I might not have crossed.” – SP, Coldwell Banker & Residential Brokerage
  • “After only one session of profiling my client and creating a strategy with Nancy, I felt more confident in my ability to communicate and negotiate a long term consulting contract with the company president. – Betsy Cole, Ph.D. Cole Consulting Group
  • “Just want to thank you again for your guidance in using the most successful approach I’ve ever used for closing my client today.” -Sheila M. Burke, President of S.O.S.
  • “It shaved years off of the learning curve and sales cycle. As a result of working with Nancy, I was more confident and in control of the meeting.” – BG Sr. Trader
  • Taught negotiating skills seminar, one attendee a seasoned 20 years Sales veteran and Sales Manager closed $150,000. sale 10 days later using a new methodology and strategy created during seminar.

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