Sales and Business Development Coaching Results

Sales and Business Development Coaching

Results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • Seasoned sales professional doubled sales within five months of sales coaching.
  • Coached sales team one-on-one and doubled sales by 55% within seven (7) months.
  • Taught a new negotiating skill to a seasoned 20 years Sales Manager veteran who closed a $150,000. sale 10 days later.
  • Coached Sales Professional one-on-one using our “results’ communication methodology that generated more referrals.
  • Motivated, coached, and turned around a previously negative team that was restructured into a newly created motivated global sales team.
  • Developed a customized proactive business and sales strategy getting new clients.
  • Created a comfortable strategic plan on how to market themselves using social media, emailing, proactively contacting clients via email and phone that increased exposure and sales.
  • Coached business development and sales professionals sales techniques using a proven methodology that increased sales, revenue & gross profit.
  • Identified a block within two coaching sessions that resulted in sales professional doubling his sales within five months.
  • Video taped sales representatives on a sales phone call that improved their communication, self-confidence and ability to make more calls.
  • Coached sales representatives the do’s and don’ts of email writing inspiring them to try new techniques customized to particular clients.
  • Successfully coached Business Owners/Entrepreneurs/Sole Practitioners how to sell their business and services that increased their gross profit.
  • Professionals learned how to get out of the whirlwind day, manage time effectively, make a strategic plan and grow their business.
  • Learned how to diversify their product, services and clients in today’s market.
  • Motivated, planned and implemented getting the “important” done.
  • Create the content and teach presentation skills, techniques for department and full staff meetings that get staff charged up and ready to take more on.
  • Business owners, managers and C-level leaders learned how to be the “Coach” – successfully conducting one-on-one sessions increasing motivation and performance.
  • Marketed, sold and coached sales team how to sell brand new Team building Program to Raytheon, Osram Sylvania, Bayer, Nortel and Fidelity generating new revenue and tripled sales the second year.
  • Successfully coached professionals, increased sales through a strategic plan of action of cold calling, focus, and the next level of communication and negotiating skills.