Business Consulting and Coaching


Who we work with:
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Presidents, CEO’s, Manager’s, Sole Proprietors, Health Practitioner’s and ADD/ADHD Business Owners

  • Being at the top can be a lonely position. You make decisions, solve problems, be a mentor or confidante but who is there for you?
  • Our consulting and coaching is confidential and leaders find that having an experienced business consultant and coach helps you achieve more.

What we do:

  • Identify critical needs, create and implement strategy for highest growth potential.
  • Create marketing ideas, plans and implement.
  • Increase sales, revenue and gross profit.
  • Business development.
  • Account penetration.
  • Learn how to be the “Coach” and grow your staff.
  • How to find new customers.
  • Upsell – diversify your products.
  • Manage Employee Talent ~ Employee Recruitment and retention.
  • ADD/ADHD coaching for Business Owners & Leaders – many successful and creative Business owners are ADD. We help them focus and implement their creative, new ideas.

How we do it ~ you choose:

  • Coaching and programs are individually customized to maximize your time and get you “good results”.
  • In person at your office, our office or a mutually agreed upon place.
  • Over phone.
  • Skype video call.
  • In groups – see our seminar list. [Jeannette can you hyperlink the word “seminar” to the other section?]

Benefits and results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • Coached business owner created communication strategy that increased referrals by 25%.
  • Created and implemented a new business marketing strategy that increased sales and gross profit.
  • Coached CEO taking his leadership skills to next level and grew company.
  • Company President selected, created a first time ever leadership team within the organization without increasing any salaries that helped grow company.
  • Coached Business Owner how to prepare, create content and present more effectively at quarterly full staff meetings that improved employee retention and managed employee talent.
  • Created exit strategy for business partner on how to leave partnership, start and grow own successful business.
  • Developed strategy and launched a successful new division and profit stream.
  • Identified and coached business owner on entire process of hiring a first time ever General Manager.
  • How to recruit, interview and on-board new employees.
  • Successfully taught emotional intelligence techniques for difficult customer and employee situations.
  • Taught business owner how to coach his employee’s one-on-one increasing productivity and employee retention.
  • Create and implement a successful business plan for growing company.
  • Created communication strategy for manager and owner for underperforming employee resulting in motivating, empowering employee accountability.

Please call #508-284-1229 or email us for a free consultation.