Testimonials . . .

In my first month of sales coaching I originated 29 loans which far exceeded my original goal of 18 loans. I started coaching with Nancy in April and by the middle of September I exceeded what I made for the entire previous year in a very challenging mortgage market. As a result of coaching I am more focused, confident and continue to set and reach new goals. Nancy’s coaching helped me to make goals, exceed them and continue to raise the bar. Something I never did prior to coaching.
~ John O’Hara, Manager, Sherwood Mortgage

Nancy provided her expertise to graduating students at the New England School of Acupuncture in an engaging and informative seminar about communicating and connecting. Students were motivated and enthusiastic to put her practical coaching to work. She added a much needed business dimension.
~ Cynthia Pasciuto J.D – How to Build a Practice and Sell Your Services Seminar

One of my goals when I began coaching sessions was actually to work less hours and earn more money, something I never thought was possible until it happened! Without your guidance I’d probably still be putting in 60-hour weeks and going home exhausted and unfulfilled. You’re the best!
~ Jay Wallus, Sales Manager, ABM, Inc

With Nancy on board the salespeople were more positive, focused and motivated. She helped hold the force together as well as taking their prospecting and networking skills to the next level. It was very worth while.
~ John Moran, President Blue Wave

Nothing I have ever tried has worked as effectively to help me attain my goals. And, in an amazingly short time.
~ HL, President Lind Associates

I have a new $700,000 customer based on attending Nancy’s seminar. It gave me new communication strategies to go forward with more confidence. I crossed bridges I might not have crossed.”~ SP, Realtor ~ Coldwell Banker & Residential Brokerage

Nancy, you added a depth that was new and fresh. You helped tune up the vehicle.
~ Wayne J. Kapral, New Seabury General Manager & CFO

As a result of working with Nancy, our Sales Representative’s are sharing information, going to each other for help and communicating more effectively. There is a team effort and spirit. They are coming in early and working late. There definitely is a difference!
~ Wayne Osborne, Sales Manager Krohne, Inc.

After only one session of profiling my client and creating a strategy with Nancy, I felt more confident in my ability to communicate and negotiate a long term consulting contract with the company president.
~ Betsy Cole, Ph.D. Cole Consulting Group

Just want to thank you again for your guidance in using the most successful approach I’ve ever used for closing my client today. You’re the best!
~ Sheila Burke, President of S.O.S.

It shaved years off of the learning curve and sales cycle. As a result of working with Nancy, I was more confident and in control of the meeting.
~ BG Sr. Trader

Our work together has been a huge help to being a better leader.
~ Dean Boudreau, Owner of Beaucage Salon and Spa

Nancy is an 
 coach and has transformed how I think about, and conduct sales. 
 her counsel, I landed a terrific project that may led to 
 work for that client, a leading pharmaceutical company. In addition, I 
have a
 long and active prospect list which help me 
get my
 business up and going.
~ Betsy
 Raymond Stevenson, Raymond Stevenson Healthcare Communication Owner

Nancy, I appreciate your assistance you provided in my career search. You kept me on track in my search and helped motivate me when I was down. You always had a positive outlook, especially when I didn’t, and that was so comforting and affirming. You also encouraged me to expand my thoughts, and I doubt I would have taken my trip around the world had you told me I could. As I have gotten back into the daily working life, I am so thankful that I took that journey. I really enjoyed our coaching sessions.
~ BM, Product & Project Manager

Thank you for inspiring me to continue my search for new opportunities. I could not have formulated my goals without taking your Career Crossroads seminar and continuing our conversation. I only had to go on one interview and in addition they sought internal approval and made the position more senior and increased the salary. It is only 30 minutes from my home as opposed to 60+ minutes and they allow telecommuting.
~ RR Senior Contract Manager

Thank you very much for your two day seminar. I’ve learned a lot of new, valuable skills. But most important, you gave me hope. During my nine years in this “surviving career” I’ve been making money to support my son and myself but my spirit was dying.  Now I feel like you pumped fuel into my system. I have a courage and am even excited to go out there and explore my options.
~ Career Seminar attendee

I learned the importance and how to market myself verbally by adding a result story.
~ P.C. How to Work the Room Seminar attendee

Nancy is very well organized in her presentation. A good balance of lecture and practice exercises.
~ Cynthia Boratgis

Learning about adding results to my elevator speech was most helpful.
~ Phaedra Codinha – How to Work the Room seminar attendee

Learning how to network, find a job and write my message was most helpful.
~ Marai Farina

Nancy covered the subject thoroughly and allowed time for practice.
~ Maureen Swensen

Nancy was very informative and helpful. She was engaging and easy to speak with.
~ LC Seminar attendee

Best lecture in this course so far!
~ Y.L. – How to Build Your Practice & Sell Your Services Seminar at NESA

The most valuable part of this class thus far. Nancy, provided actionable information that we can implement now.
~ C.W. How to Build Your Practice & Sell Your Services Seminar at NESA

Excellent, engaging, informative and high energy.
~ SL – Seminar Attendees

Expertly presented. Credible Communicator.
~ WK – Seminar Attendees

Excellent & motivating.
~ MB – Seminar Attendees

Handouts were great. Lots of educational practical tips.
~ LS, Metrowest Eldercare Management