Learning Assessments/Products Results

Learning Assessments/Products

Results our clients have achieved by working with us:

  • DiSC Sales Action Planner result ~ one attendee a seasoned 20 years Sales veteran and Sales Manager closed $150,000. sale 10 days later.
  • Utilized the Team Dimension assessment as part of the seminar for a team from Raytheon that identified and reinforced individual’s strengths as a team member.
  • Integrated the Time Mastery assessment tool as part of a Time Management seminar within a reorganized team that helped them understand what they did well and what needed attention.
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner result ~ “I have a new $700,000 customer based on attending Nancy’s seminar. It gave me new communication strategies to go forward with more confidence. I crossed bridges I might not have crossed.” – SP, Coldwell Banker & Residential Brokerage
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner result ~ “After only one session of profiling my client and creating a strategy with Nancy, I felt more confident in my ability to communicate and negotiate a long term consulting contract with the company president. – Betsy Cole, Ph.D. Cole Consulting Group
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner result ~ “Just want to thank you again for your guidance in using the most successful approach I’ve ever used for closing my client today.” -Sheila M. Burke, President of S.O.S.
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner result ~ “It shaved years off of the learning curve and sales cycle. As a result of working with Nancy, I was more confident and in control of the meeting.” – BG Sr. Trader